We are information technologies experts that want to help business to have tailored information solutions.

In this era of digitalization business in most cases struggle with access to information technology resources and costs, we are trying to solve that.

Therefore, in our business model we try to avoid the hefty initial costs for business to get tailored solutions by guaranteeing long term relationship with your business, so instead of a vendor we become your business partner.


Software Development

We have great experience creating web, desktop, and mobile applications that are scalable and cloud-friendly, latest concepts of software architecting such as microservice and API first, we use latest cutting-edge technologies like .NET Core, .NET5, React, and Blazor.

Another space we excel is designing and building integrations, no matter how hard you think it is, give us a shot at it we might surprise you.

Managed IT Services

Need more time to focus on business and less time to worry managing your IT infrastructure on-premises, at the cloud, or hybrid we have system administrators’ experts who used to implement and manage Microsoft Exchange, SCCM, Office365,and Active Directory for large size companies.

ERP Implemntation

We have many successful ERP implementations under our belt, we know our way through the hard road of marrying business and technology.


We are information technology experts, who like to help others and build things, we earned our stripes managing and working for big companies and want to offer same level of experience and excellence for your business.


Please send all your inquiries an e-mail to, we love to hear from you.